Future project 2018 - Creation of theatrical show

Maria Dermitzaki leads a research about light, optics and scientific experiments versus circus techniques and theatrality, aiming the development of a theatrical production, in collaboration with Attiki Cultural Society.




October 2017 - Photography exhibition

'The Greeks of Molenbeek' Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels




10 june 2017 - Interactive light installation for children

'What if Ariadne's thread were phosphorescent ?' Festival 'Nous sommes Grecs', Cultural center Le Senghor, Brussels




24 may - 5 june 2017 - Exhibition

'The light that touches', Maria Dermitzaki and Les p’ti plus, Abbey of Forest, Brussels




2017 - Workshops for children

'The light that touches' Les p’ti plus, Brussels




October 2016 – Installation / Performance

'FEAR / SECURITY' Commissioned by the Jean Monnet Conference – European Commission, Brussels




Novembre 2015 - Installation

'UTOPIA EUROPA DYSTOPIA' Commissioned by the Jean Monnet Conference – European Commission, Brussels




2015 - Training in Phototherapy

Module 1 and 2 with Emilie Danchin.




December 2014 - Lighting design

Ils dormaient encore

'Ils dormaient encore' by Théâtre La montagne magique, Brussels




September 2012 - Heritage Symposium 


Heritage Symposium Manifesta 9, Belgium




June 2012 - Architectural lighting design

ancient agora 1
Ancient Agora of Argos, Greece



October 2011 - Lighting design

'It's so nice' by Oh My God Cie, International tour




January 2011 - Exhibition

'Odyssee naar het geluk' Amsab - Institute of Social History, Gent




December 2010 - Lighting design

'Voyage 1er épisode' by Fabrique Imaginaire, European tour




February 2010 - Book Publication

'Grieken in Limburg' EPOEditions, Belgium