Greeks in Limburg - Book

Half a century of migration and integration

Grieken in Limburg book by Maria Dermitzaki

About 20 million Greeks live on our planet. Approximately half of these reside outside the Greek borders: in America, Australia, Germany… and in Belgium.

About 4000 people of Greek origin live in the Belgian Province of Limburg. Expatriated by poverty, political instability or sometimes by pure adventurism, Greek men risked themselves to come to Belgium in the beginning of the 1950’s. Their plan: to work for a few years as ‘guestworkers’ in the coalmines of Limburg, save up enough money and then go back to their homeland. A few amongst them did indeed return but for most of them life turned out differently. Women and kids came over and a new future was built up over here…

Migration became integration: a quest for balance between the preservation of Greek identity and finding a place in the Belgian reality, marked by homesickness and nostalgia....

This book narrates this captivating story through the testimonies of a group of about 25 Belgian Greeks belonging to several generations. It is extensively illustrated by private photographs that has been restored by photographer and author Maria Dermitzaki.

Introductions by Dr. Rob Belemans (Faro) en Dr. Amalia Alexiou (historian).

- Preview ISBN: 978-90-6445-649-7
- Press Reviews Language: Dutch
- Sponsors & Partners Pages: 272
- Order Editing date: 2010
  Editor: Epo in collaboration with Tirasila
  Layout: quadricolor print / paperback
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Potamies... images and memories

Potamies, images and memories

The book “Potamies… Images and memories” preserves and showcases the history and folklore of Potamies, a Cretan village in the region of Heraklion. It contains testimonies of elderly people from the village, unique photographic documents dating from the end of the nineteenth century up to the 70’s as well as pictures in contemporary colours.

Throughout these pages and pictures, scenes from bygone times are born again: events from the German and Italian occupations, folk songs, traditional tales, customs and beliefs.

- Preview ISBN: 9608-8988-0-3
- Press Reviews Language: Greek
- Sponsors & Partners Pages: 287
- Order Editing date: 2005
  Editor: Prefecture of Heraklion, Municipality of Hersonissos, Cultural Center of Potamies
  Layout: quadricolor print / paperback
  Book size: 23cm x 26cm x 20mm
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Magazine FARO / The magazine on cultural heritage. Oct-nov-dec 2009





Theatrical play: The dragon-tree

L'arbre dragon web

« The dragon-tree » is a fairy tale written by Maria Dermitzaki and Vital Schraenen presented in the form of a theatre play for all ages directed by Vital Schraenen and performed by 8 actors and musicians and co-produced by the theatre companies Pasiphaï (Gr) and Tirasila (B).

It is an open air music theater performance combining masked grotesque acting, shadow theatre and monumental puppetry and live music. The play relates the tragi-comical story of a community confronted with the mysterious degradation of their holy tree, child of two dragons. Although placed in an imaginary mythical world this story is a reflection on contemporary values, behaviors and losses.

In 2001 and 2002, the show was touring in Greece (at the Olympia Festival, amongst others) and in Belgium (at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp, amongst others).