Letter from Nikos G.Christinidis

Archanes, 27th of March 2006

Mrs. Dermitzaki,

I received your book 'Potamies ... Images and Memories' which you so kindly offered to me and I want to thank you for it.

Your work is of inestimable value and I want to congratulate you for it.
It is an honour for Crete and especially for the village of Potamies.
Admirable, however most certainly are all those that contributed to your book.

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Thursday 19th of January 2006, Cultural Centre of Potamies

Potamies, Images and Memories


The pictures contained in the first part of the album, « images across time », portray people who remind us that our own story is related to others'.

The book also features texts, stories and memories of elderly people from the village, giving a new life to a whole historical period and conveying a sense of the cultural heritage of the entire region. Much of the book's content rests on the immediate response of the inhabitants of the village themselves who did not hesitate to come to the assistance of the Cultural Centre.


Patris Newspaper, Wednesday 15 February 2006, Patris Newspaper

Book Review

"Potamiès, Images and Memories" by Maria Dermitzaki


Among the many books to come out last year, a few picture albums stood out, mostly dealing with traditional folklore. Through their historical and cultural content, they bind together past and present.


The book "Potamiès, Images and Memories" records the history of the inhabitants of one of the most picturesque villages of our region.

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Nea Kriti Newspaper, Friday 19th of May 2006, Nea Kriti Newspaper

Book presentation

by Michalis Nikolidakis, scholar.

"A voyage throughout the tastes, colours and values of this region"


This work of 280 pages has an exceptional lay out.
Everything displays quality in the work of Maria Dermitzaki who is native to this place.
The reader can travel through the tastes, the colours and the values of this region.

In a vivid manner, by means of photographic archives, the author helps the reader to understand monuments and the natural environment.

Text by Nicolas G. Kontossopoulos

The album about Potamies differs from all other books that dedicate themselves to the history of Greece.
The particularity of this book reflects in the fact that it combines texts with a multitude of photographs. Mrs. Dermitzakis is also a photographer and it was impossible for her not to attach pictures to the related subjects.

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Mesogios Newspaper, Wednesday 18th of January 2006

Images and Memories of Potamies

With a lot of patience, love and attention, Maria Dermitzaki has collected the material that portrays Potamies from head to toe. She has added her own photographical images with which she has enriched the stories and the songs that were conveyed to her by the villagers and thus she has brought to light the forgotten pages of history, of traditions and the folklore of the village of Potamies. (...)

Hélène Vassilakis

Patris Newspaper, Wednesday 24th of May 2006, Patris Newspaper

«Potamies... images and memories»

Book presentation

This book is about a beauty that is the fruit of folklorist tradion which it aims to preserve.

The creative soul behind this work is the young and talented Cretan Maria Dermitzaki.
The author is a photographer and studied stagelight techniques in London.

The work of Mrs. Dermitzaki is a true treasure that brings together local actors in a patient and loving work concerning the memory of a place.

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