Greeks in Limburg – Documentary DVD

Half a century of migration and integration

Grieken in Limburg DVD

About 20 million Greeks live on our planet. Approximately half of these reside outside the Greek borders: in America, Australia, Germany… and in Belgium.

About 4000 people of Greek origin live in the Belgian Province of Limburg. Expatriated by poverty, political instability or sometimes by pure adventurism, Greek men risked themselves to come to Belgium in the beginning of the 1950’s. Their plan: to work for a few years as ‘guestworkers’ in the coalmines of Limburg, save up enough money and then go back to their homeland. A few amongst them did indeed return but for most of them life turned out differently. Women and kids came over and a new future was built up over here…

Migration became integration: a quest for balance between the preservation of Greek identity and finding a place in the Belgian reality, marked by homesickness and nostalgia....

This documentary portrays this captivating story through the testimonies of a group of about 25 Belgian Greeks belonging to several generations and is illustrated by private photographic collections.

Realisation: Maria Dermitzaki en Vital Schraenen
Total duration: 85 minutes
Language: Greek and Dutch - Subtitles: Dutch
Price: 10 € + 2 € packaging and posting

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