'THE RAFT. Art is (not) Lonely', Ostende (October 2017 - February 2018)

Curated by Jan Fabbre & Joanna De Vos, Ostende



'The Greeks of Molenbeek' Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels (2017)

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean



'La lumière qui touche' Abbay of Forest, Brussels (2017)

Maria Dermitzaki and Les p’ti plus



'FEAR / SECURITY' European Commission, Bussels (2016)

Commissioned by the Jean Monnet Conference – European Commission



'UTOPIA EUROPA DYSTOPIA' European Commission, Brussels (2015)

Commissioned by the Jean Monnet Conference – European Commission



'Greeks in Limburg' AMSAB Gent (2011)

With unique family pictures, this exhibition illustrates the search for a better life which brought many Greeks to Limburg half a century ago; a theme which is even more relevant today.

Since the early 50's, driven by poverty, political instability or sometimes simply love of adventure, Greek men took to the sea, soon to reach the shores of Belgium. Their goal was to spend a few years as immigrant workers in the Belgian coal mines in order to earn a living, accumulate savings, then return home... Some did indeed go back home, but many took a new path. Wives and children joined them in Belgium to build a different future here...

Migration became integration. It involved a search for a balance between maintaining a sense of Greek identity and finding a place within the Belgian reality – whether or not they were afflicted by homesickness and nostalgia.

From 14 January to 15 April 2011



'Greeks in Limburg' Genk Cultural Center (2010)

Grieken in Limburg Genk Exhibition Card

'Greeks in Limburg' is an exhibition presenting a century of migration and integration as seen through the eyes of those who went through it. It is the result of Maria Dermitzaki's research into the life and well-being of three generations of Limburgers with Greek origins, based on existing family photos, enthralling life stories, unique documents and personal memories.

A project of Tirasila association, of the Cultural division and Cultural Center of Genk, subdivision Mining Heritage. With the support of the Flemish community, the province of Limburg, FARO and the Greek communities of Limburg.

From 22 February to 11 April 2010, with more than 4000 visitors at Genk's townhouse.



'Greeks in Limburg' (pre-project) Genk & Maasmechelen (2008)

Grieken in Limburg Maasmechelen Exhibition

This exhibition is the first public step in Maria Dermitzaki's in-depth research into the life of Greeks in Limburg. Old family photos, visual and oral material and miscellaneous documents about the history of this community were introduced to the public.

The project 'Greeks in Limburg' benefits from the support of the Mining Heritage subdivision in Limburg.

Friday 2-4pm 4 May in the halls of the Greek community of Genk.

Saturday 31 May 208, in the halls of the Greek Cultural Center of Maasmechelen. As part of Kleurijk Maasmechelen.



'Potamies through time and the colours of today', supported by the city of Heraklion, Crete (2005)



'Light-loving days' Heraklion, supported by the city of Heraklion, Crete (2003)

 drakodentra 2



'Behind the screen' Athens and Sparta (2002)