Lighting director 

C.I.C.T/Bouffes du Nord (2006-2008) The Grand Inquisitor, International tour, director: Peter Brook
Attiki Cultural Society International festival 'Theatre beyond Boundaries'
Athens (2005 & 2006)
Collaboration with: Peter Greenaway, Patrice Chéreau, Peter Stein, Peter Brook, Nancy Meckler, Olympia Doukakis, Tim Robbins
Athens Festival (1997) Momix Dance Company, Herodion theatre, Athens



Lighting designs

THE RAFT. Art is (not) Lonely Je reviens toujours (2017), Oostende
director: Mary Zygouri
Théâtre La montagne magique Ils dormaient encore (2014), Brussels
director: Didier de Neck
Ancient Agora of Argos Architectural lighting design (2012), sponsored by the city of Argos, Greece
Oh my god It’s so nice (2011), direction: Lula Béry & Barbara Sylvain,
International tour
La fabrique imaginaire

Voyage 1er épisode (2010), direction: Eve Bonfanti & Yves Hunstad, 
European tour
Summer Festival of Argos, Peloponnesus

Dance of Aristophanes (2008), Greece director: Giorgos Armenis

Concert 'Homage to Hatzidakis' (2008), Greece
Zilverpapier Company Virgula (2008), Gent, Brussels 
director: Luanda Casella
LPBoon circle 
In Flanders Fields Museum
My little war (2008), In Flanders Fields Museum, Yper, Belgium
director: Vital Schraenen
30CC, Culture centre of Leuven

Ceci n’est plus Carmen (2007), Belgium 
director: Vital Schraenen 
Attiki Cultural Society International festival 'Theatre beyond Boundaries' Rose with Olympia Doukakis (2006), Athens
director: Nancy Meckler
Athens Dance Platform

Not like this…differently (2004), Megaron Concert Hall, Athens
choreographer: Dorina Kalethrianou 
Shadow Greek theatre I. Karellas The birds (2006) director:Vital Schraenen &
Thiseas & Minotaur (2004) director: Roumpini Moscochoriti  &
Pluto (2003) director: Vital Schraenen, summer tour in Greece
Company Tirasila

Slachtwerk (2004), tour in Belgium
director: Vital Schraenen
Attiki Cultural Society Humans Nostalgia (2004), Mycenes, Greece
director: Petros Filippidis
Company La Barca Jazz to Pinter (2003), Gent, Brussels
director: F.V. Eckhaute
Festival of Olympia

Les Bacchantes (2002) director: Anna Lazou
The dragon-tree (2001) director: Vital Schraenen 
City of Athens The river of forgetnes (2002) tour in Greece director: Pantelis Dentakis 
Medea (1999) & Situation suspended director: Gavalas (1998)
Servant of two masters director: Angeliki Darlasi  (1998) 
Company Pasiphae & Tirasila The dragon-tree (2001), tour in Greece and Belgium
director: Vital Schraenen
Fournos Theatre

Wild gifts (2001), Athens
director: G. Philippou
City of Brussels Opening Ceremony Brussels European capital of culture 2000
director: Vital Schraenen, music:Luk Mishallen
Pé Vermeersch, dancer & choreographer Blondes have no Soul, choreographer: Pé Vermersch (2000),
European tour
Leporello Company

Uncle Vanya (2000), Brussels
director: Vital Schraenen

Venus and Adonis (2000), Belgium
director: Koen Monserez
Dance Festival of Kalamata In the square (2000), Greece, Elaterio dance company
choreographer: M. Chrysospathi
Edinburgh Festival

The suppliants (1999)
director: Elli Papakonstantinou
Company Praxi epta

Mademoiselle Julie, (1999), tour in Greece
Greek National Theatre of Athens I’m dying as a country (1999) director: Thod Espiritou
Desert (1998), director: Giorgos Zampoulakis 
Greek theatre of deaf Little red riding hood and the hunter (1998), Athens
Company AthLon Commedia, (1999) Athens
director: Elli Papakonstantinou
French Institute 1979 (1998), Athens
director: M.Kontoleon
Theatre Pollitechno

The little red hood or the manual for a perfect lover (1998), Athens
director: Angeliki Darlasi 



Assistant lighting designer

The Actors’ Gang of Los Angeles ‘1984’ Lighting designer: Bosco Flanagan,
director: Tim Robbins, Attiki Cultural Society International festival 'Theatre beyond Boundaries' (2006), Athens 
C.I.C.T /Bouffes du Nord Lighting designer: Philippe Vialatte,  ‘Sizwe Banzi est Mort’ (2006),
‘Ta maindans la mienne’ (2005), ‘Tierno Bokar’, (2005)
director: Peter Brook, Attiki Cultural Society International festival 'Theatre beyond Boundaries', Athens
Festival of  Epidaure ‘Oedipus Tyrannous’ Lighting designer: Ben Ormerod,
director: G. Kimoulis (1996), Greece